Some photos of our everyday work.

Handmade shoes


Set of concave eggbars for a horse that needs traction and heel support.


Using an equips pour in pad to unload a horses medial heel.


A big shoe and toe clip for a shire.


Getting some long toes under control!


Spending some time making shoes!

A suspensory shoe requested by a vet for a horse with a medial tear at the sesamoid bone. The Widened toe and lateral branch will help relieve load from the medial suspensory ligament.

A quarter crack patch and a frog support pad for this show jumper with a quarter crack.

An eggbar with a leather pad. The toe of this pad is cut out to accomodate horse that has arthritis in the tip of the coffin bone.

the finished product

some overgrown miniatures

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This horse drags its hind feet. Note the shoe is fit where the wall should be to protect the toe.


teaching a young horse all about hot fitting!

Some winter shoeing, on the left is a snow ball pad with borium brazed on, while the right photo is a rim pad with drill and drive studs.